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This marathon is an exception. One tournament a week definitely seems way more reasonable than five. I agree that time controls should vary maybe some more blitz as well?

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May be , see next note Can we have more crazy house tournaments Thibaut? I also seem to miss the crazy house madness tournament and would wish that there were more of them during the week. All teams BitChess.

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Chessplayer when are the next hyperbullet toruneys going to be i was not available to play when there was a marathon of them. Alternatively, here's a copy-paste friendly version, which you can also try online or use the test suite :.

I have taken some inspiration from user's answer. The pixel counts are encoded in 6-bit blocks. The outline or fill is added to the square if it's white. Finally, the 6-bit block for the appropriate piece is extracted.

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By now, I'm following the simplest way of find the answer with a calculation - this could be not the best way. Over a black square, the answer is the size of fill for white pieces and the size of outline for black pieces. Over a white square, you need to add the free space.


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See the table below inside the snippet. I keep the size of fill and outline for each piece, the free space inside the square can be found subtracting from To save space, the outline in stored as a single digit afer subtracing 9. The fill is trickier as the range is wider, check the code that's way the pieces are sorted by occupied space. They are represented here as codes because Stack Exchange automatically removes unreadable characters from posts. Could probably reduce the byte count by encoding the data, but I kinda like the current table method.

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Bases color of the square on the ASCII value of 'w' or 'b' taking advantage of the fact that one is even and one is odd. Assigns integer value of the piece based on the position of the piece's symbol in the m string variable.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 3 years, 11 months ago. Active 3 years, 10 months ago. Viewed times. The solution may be in the form of a function or a complete program. Input A 4-character string defining: One of wb for a white or black piece. Not part of normal Chess notation, but required for this puzzle.

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One of abcdefgh for the piece's file column. One of for the piece's rank row. Output The number of white pixels used to draw the chess piece and the underlying square. Requirements Chess squares are 8x8 pixels and are either all white or all black. White chess pieces are drawn as white with a black outline. Black pieces are black with a white outline. All pieces have transparent pixels which show the underlying square.