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  1. What Is Blasphemy in the Bible?
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But the transition cannot easily be readily grasped till vv. Blasphemy against God was viewed by Jews with utmost gravity ; but here Jesus makes a sharp distinction between blasphemy against the Son of Man, which is forgivable, and blasphemy against the Spirit, which is not. His statement is remarkable because one of the glories of the biblical faith is the great emphasis Scripture lays on the graciousness and wideness of God's forgiveness e.

Among the many interpretations of this difficult saying, the best treats it in its setting during Jesus' life.

What Is Blasphemy in the Bible?

The Pharisees have been attributing to Satan the work of the Spirit and have been doing so, as Jesus makes plain, in such a way as to reveal that they speak, not out of ignorance or unbelief, but out of a conscious disputing of what should never be disputed. The distinction between blasphemy against the Son of Man and blasphemy against the Spirit is that the first sin is rejection of the truth of the Gospel for which there may be repentance and forgiveness , whereas the second sin is rejection of the same truth in full awareness that that is exactly what one is doing—willfully, thoughtfully, and self-consciously rejecting the work of the Spirit even though there can be no other explanation of Jesus' exorcisms than that.

For such a sin there is no forgiveness, "either in this age or the age to come" cf.

This interpretation can also apply to Heb ; ; and possibly 1Jn If this interpretation is correct, the distinction between Son of Man and Spirit is relatively incidental. After all, blasphemy against the Spirit is also a rejection of Jesus' own claims. Jesus charges that those who perceive that his ministry is empowered by the Spirit and then, for whatever reason—whether from spite, jealousy, or arrogance—ascribe it to Satan, have put themselves beyond the pale. The significance of the transitional words "And so" now becomes plain. Neutrality to Jesus is actually opposition to him v.

One who genuinely repents has presumably not gone so far. Biblical law provided atonement for most sins, but not for deliberate sins Nu — 31 ; Dt — Starting your free trial of Bible Gateway Plus is easy. The next step is to choose a monthly or yearly subscription, and then enter your payment information. You can cancel anytime during the trial period. Though the Jews would presently crucify their Messiah, nevertheless, with the great outpouring of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost, and the proclamation of his message of grace, thousands of them would receive pardon Acts 2.

If, though, that kingdom of redemption, whose introduction was divinely verified by the workings of the Spirit cf. Absolutely nothing! To harden oneself against the gospel plan is, therefore, blasphemy against the Spirit of God, and those who continue in such a disposition have no means of obtaining forgiveness.

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Would it not be a blasphemy of the Holy Spirit to deny his very personality? Yet this is precisely what several religious cults do.

What the Bible says about Blasphemy

The Armstrong cult and Christian Science have similar bizarre notions. He then proceeds to give instructions concerning the conduct that is expected of the maturer saints, both men and women. Let every child of God take care! Moreover, any person who perverts the sacred teaching of the Scriptures to accommodate his worldly lifestyle or his theological prejudices, is assaulting the holy volume!

Definition of blasphemy

In the book of Revelation, chapter thirteen, John saw a beast rising from the sea. The apostle declares,. The Old Testament tabernacle, which was a prototype of the temple, prefigured the church Heb. It is possible, therefore, according to Revelation , to blaspheme the church of God. How do men accomplish that abominable act?

Theasaurus: Blasphemy

It may be done in any number of ways. Though the Bible clearly teaches that Christ is the savior of the body, which is the church Eph.

The Book of Enoch Is Blasphemy

Others blaspheme the tabernacle of God by suggesting that most any church will do. Just turn to the Yellow Pages and select yourself a good church!

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