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  1. Crazy For Friends - Scripts
  2. Conflict between friends – a call for dialogue
  3. Description:
  4. Expressions used in the conversation
  5. Dialogue Examples

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Crazy For Friends - Scripts

This exercise can be completed more than one time, so there's plenty of opportunity to practice new dialogues and vocabulary. Once you have your topic, characters, and setting, you can start writing that dialogue! Use the speech bubbles located in the Textables section. For conversations, speech bubbles are really important. Like the characters and many of the scenes, you can change the appearance of the speech bubbles.

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Write the dialogue in order. Use a separate speech bubble each time a character speaks. When using storyboards to show dialogue, do not put too much text into a single cell because you do not want the cell to be crowded. Remember that conversations are more than just words! There are reactions, emotional changes, actions, and more to think about in actual speech.

Basic Quotation Mark Examples

You can pose and edit the characters too, so make sure to use facial expressions and arm motions, if needed. After you have the basic conversation, go back and check your grammar, expressions, and vocabulary. Did you get most of it right the first time?

Conflict between friends – a call for dialogue

As you practice, the right conjugations and vocabulary will come to you more easily! Jin: No! No it isn't! I have spent most of my time studying and working. I don't know what to do in this city! During your Day free trial, you and your students will have full access to all the classroom features.


After your storyboard is created easily export it to high resolution storyboard cells, PDF, slideshow, and so much more! Did you know the Teacher Edition allows you to see and manage student storyboards? Check out our other great ESL resources! Create a Dialogue Now. Create a Dialogue. Purple Vellocet by Purple Vellocet.

Expressions used in the conversation

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A dialogue between two friends making plans for the weekend - English With Fun

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Dialogue Examples

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