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No one will talk about the fact that maybe that pretty dress or that bag was just a loan for a day. You get my point. Not much of what we see on social media is real anymore, so never trust Social Media! Do not underestimate social media Whatever you blog or twitter, you are leaving traces. A ripple can turn into a wave very swiftly.

It used to annoy me to no end that many people started being really nice to me once my follower numbers started to grow and I established myself on the scene. Before that point many bloggers and agencies barely acknowledged my existence. In other cases it can happen very fast. There are crowds of friends that hang out together in cliques, and before becoming a part of any group you have to start by getting to know people bit by bit.

Berlin is the best city, hands down The more I travelled, the more I started to appreciate Berlin.

Few other cities are so diverse, so well located geographically and so affordable as our Berlin. Berlin feeds of the constant creative change of its people, which is only possible because of the relatively low cost of living. The city regularly hosts the most amazing parties and events, and few other places offer as much entertainment as our capital. I am proud to live in Berlin. Dein Kommentar. Name optional.


Email optional. Leave this field empty. I found myself reading this post because of your Best of post, which I thought was absolutely great. You keep exceeding my expectations and I keep becoming more and more satisfied with the choice of revisiting your blog so often, because you truly deserve it. It is always important to me that whoever I follow, give clicks, likes, my time and attention to is truly worth it. And everything you said really, especially that thing about being nice.


The worst thing you can do is let them make you mean just as because they are. Well, forgive me for taking up so much of your time. I was wondering about the comment you mentioned and obviously it landed in my spam : So sorry for that! But good, that you write me another one, so I can approve it! Your comment is really hearth warming and I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you SO much for your feedback and your time! I really appreciate it!

I hate that and especially in the fashion business people are only nice to you, if the think they can benefit from you. I think I hate this kind of attitude even more : Whatever….

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Toller Post! Mir kommen da auch einige Dinge bekannt vor, aber so ist das halt in der Bloggerwelt. Great post! This a greeting from over here in Norway. Your blog is interesting and personal and we love how you mix up your style, from feminine to rock, always with a hint of new grunge!

Es ist teilweise so viel gelogen, dass einem fast schon schlecht wird. Wenn man mal eine Runde lachen will, dann kann man sich auch die Hastags bei IG durchsehen, dann wird aus einem Blogger schnell mal ein model und mit followme wird nach Followern gebettelt. Aber ich glaube, darauf kann man lange warten. Like A Riot hat hierzu auch einen sehr geliebten Post verfasst, sehr empfehlenswerter Lesestoff! Dieses Verhalten kotzt mich einfach nur an! Man muss sich nicht immer lieb haben — aber Respekt und Lebenlassen ist immer Pflicht.

Und wie! Sehr ehrlich — bezogen auf die negativen als auch positiven Aspekte, die du ansprichst! Man merkt, dass hinter den Stichpunkten echt Arbeit steckt!

Have to agree with you on number 2. Kindness is often misinterpreted as weaknesses. Whoever reads this; always be nice to kind people. They are are becoming extinct. Kind regards, T.

Get PDF Bertha von Suttner: Kämpferin für den Frieden (German Edition)

Liebe Masha, toll geschrieben. Und du hast vollkommen Recht. Du warst nett und offen. Das war sympathisch. Durchgehend Kopf nickend den Post gelesen — sprichst mir aus dem Herzen. Die Fotos sind auch super cool! Wahre Worte! Oh Masha ich liebe deine Posts und Bilder so sehr. Vor allem das letzte ist einfach absolut grandios! Und die Fakten die du gelernt hast kann ich nur so auch unterschreiben :. I really loved reading this post! Fingers crossed! Bei Punkt 4 musste ich schmunzeln, das kenne ich zu gut. Richtig abschalten, nicht erreichbar sein, diesen Luxus habe ich mir schon lange nicht mehr bewusst zugestanden.

Instagram ist auch bei mir nur ein Bruchteil meiner UVs. When Maisie finally reaches the source of the light, she is bitterly disappointed - the special something is no more than a lump of rock. But thanks to Pip's careful observations, they realize it is in fact a star! Highly atmospheric and magical in quality, this delightful debut picture book is sure to enchant children and parents alike. Reading Joseph Heller's classic satire is nothing less than a rite of passage.

Set in the closing months of World War II in an American bomber squadron off the coast of Italy, Catch is the story of a bombardier named Yossarian who is frantic and furious because thousands of people he has never even met keep trying to kill him. Joseph Heller's bestselling novel is a hilarious and tragic satire on military madness, and the tale of one man's efforts to survive it. Published by Penguin UK Apr Whether dining alone or at a dinner party, on a plane or in front of the TV, he reveals how to understand what we're tasting and influence what others experience. Mealtimes will genuinely never be the same again.

On every page there are ideas to set you thinking and widen your horizons' - Heston Blumenthal, OBE 'His delight in weird food facts is infectious. If Spence can percolate all these factual morsels to the mainstream, the benefits to all of us would be obvious' - Nick Curtis, Daily Telegraph 'Spence allows people to appreciate the multisensory experience of eating' - New Yorker 'The scientist changing the way we eat' - Guardian pp.

Okt Okt , Neuware - The essential introduction to the most important texts in post-colonial theory and criticism, this second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to include extracts from key works in the field. Leading, as well as lesser known figures in the fields of writing, theory and criticism contribute to this inspiring body of work that includes sections on Nationalism, Hybridity, Diaspora and Globalization. The Reader s wide-ranging approach reflects the remarkable diversity of work in the discipline along with the vibrancy of anti-imperialist writing both within and without the metropolitan centres.

Covering more debates, topics and critics than any comparable book in its field, The Postcolonial Studies Reader is the ideal starting point for students and issues a potent challenge to the ways in which we think and write about literature and culture.

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He worked hand-in-hand with George Lucas to help establish the saga's visual aesthetic, its inimitable look and feel. Carefully selected from the definitive volume, Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie , these postcards are a celebration of Star Wars as a masterpiece of design and world-building. The deluxe keepsake package also functions as a display frame: the box features a die-cut window, so fans can rotate their favorite production design paintings into view.

Published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd. Nov About this Item: Dorling Kindersley Ltd.

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  • Nov , Neuware - Filled with beautiful maps showing our dynamic world in stunning detail, this comprehensive atlas is the perfect choice for anyone interested in the geographyof our planet. Published by All-Stern-Verlag Nov Das Ziel der Eliten ist die totale charakterliche Destabilisierung der Menschen sowie die Vergiftung der zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen.

    Die Folge ist der Ruf nach einem starken Mann, und dieser soll die Weltdiktatur etablieren. Das Ziel der Archonten ist ein Planet mit einer deutlich reduzierten menschlichen Population. Die verbleibende Menschheit soll durch chemische und psychologische Programmierung sowie durch genetische Manipulation in geistige und emotionale Zombies verwandelt werden. Ein Milliardenheer von rechtlosen und depersonalisierten Galeoten, den diabolischen Zielen und Interessen des 'unsichtbaren Ungeheuers' wehrlos ausgeliefert - das ist das eigentliche und letzte Ziel der Neuen Weltordnung.

    Published by Ritter Nov About this Item: Ritter Nov , The 38 full revised papers and 14 invited papers presented in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 74 submissions. This book highlights the approaches of champion teams from the competitions and documents the proceedings of the 23rd annual RoboCup International Symposium.

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    Due to the complex research challenges set by the RoboCup initiative, the RoboCup International Symposium offers a unique perspective for exploring scientific and engineering principles underlying advanced robotic and AI systems. Neuware - The philosophy of Raymond Ruyer was an important if subterranean influence on twentieth-century French thought, and explicitly engaged with by figures such as Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Georges Canguilhem, Gilbert Simondon, and Gilles Deleuze.

    The Genesis of Living Forms is Ruyer's most focussed and forceful analysis of a central but apparently paradoxical biological phenomenon that also presents serious problems for philosophy: embryogenesis. When a cat develops from the early stages of fertilization to an adult, what is it that makes it the same cat How is it that a living being can at once be the same and constantly changing Ruyer's answer to these questions unfolds through a detailed set of encounters with major scientific fields, from particle physics to social psychology, arguing that the paradox can only be dissolved by seeing the role that form plays in the ongoing development of living beings.

    Published by Aulis Verlag Nov About this Item: Aulis Verlag Nov , Flicks Familie leitet das Hotel seit Generationen.