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I would not trust Ancestry to preserve information for future generations. Thank you for the memorial page. Great idea. I plan to use it as a memorial to my sister. She deserves to be remembered. Thanks Ancestry for this. Looking forward to it.

There will be an index of the memorials? The only issue i see is, is that if you create a memorial will you actually get other family members to participate.

Singing Police Woman

Afraid we will run into the same issue as when you invite people to your tree and that is they dont want to sign up for account alas. And if that ends up being the case then its not going to be as useful alas. How about fixing all of the issues with existing products before adding new ones? Just a thought. There is much to be fixed. For instance, I recently discovered that Ancestry unlike say MyHeritage no longer provides the ability to get and give a URL for your tree that you can share with others directly.

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Instead, if you want someone to look at your tree, you have to go through the standard tree sharing functionality. This requires that you give Ancestry their email address and then they will be sent a link that requires them to create an Ancestry account before they are allowed to see the tree. Thank u for sharing ur experience. Now if a family member wants to see the info. Thank you for sharing what u have learned. So someone like myself can make an informed decision. Again thank u for ur honesty.

Can neuroscience help us rewrite our darkest memories?

It looks like you can only create memorials for current people. Thanks for your questions and feedback about We Remember. We are excited about this free new product and hope you have a meaningful experience using it. Hopefully this follow-up answers some of your questions.


We are passionate about gathering memories and our hope is that We Remember helps do just that. For this reason, we have created it as a free product to capture and preserve memories. We also hope to create features in the future to allow you to save content from a We Remember memorial page to your computer, such as in a file that you could view or print. As far as the question about how the We Remember page could integrate with a family tree on Ancestry. In terms of how We Remember relates to Find A Grave, the Find A Grave site is focused more on cemetery and factual information of those who have passed away while We Remember pages are a little bit more like group pages, where those who knew the person can gather to share memories.

Finally, while We Remember is designed to create pages for people you knew in life and gather your memories about them, there is not a limit requiring recent death years. If anyone has troubles creating a page for someone, please contact us at support weremember.

We Remember by Marty Haugen

Since its free are we going to see ads on the pages? Right now there isnt any but am wonder if so how it will look and if it will distract from the memorial.

Introducing We Remember – Free Online Memorials

Great question, Jeff. We understand the concern about keeping the memorial pages focused on your loved one. For this reason, We Remember purposefully does not have ads on it, and we have no plans to include ads in the future. That sounds good. What i found though with a recent death is that when you share on facebook that most would rather post there then sign up and write or post memories on it.

Hopefully others are experiencing something different. But I understood this will link with FB?

We Remember | We Remember | Virginia Tech

Is that incorrect? Has your mother or someone related to her but not to your father taken a test? I am looking forward to using this new site. We have been looking and thinking of a way to publish an online obituary for her and this will be a perfect solution. Thank you! I just want a place to put obituaries for people with no known final disposition. This is such a great research tool for people looking for family. I have several, as most of my family does cremation….

I think the myfamily. After all the work scores of family members did, you just shut it down. People participated on that—a LOT—but wont get on the tree. That said, I spent most of yesterday setting up a memorial to my recently deceased daughter. Then I ran into some big trouble!!! Now they dont match. Tried deleting the photos. Much the same thing 3—refreshed pages, logged out and in. No dice. They do not support it. So I tried googling it and ended up here. Is this ancestry or ancestry.