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But you've always been my firstborn And you've always been my prize All creation has been groaning for The waking of your eyes. I have the dust on my boots of a thousand cathedrals And I have taken my place with bended knees And I have raised my voice with a multitude of angels Whose nests are treasured by your trees. Oh, the music of your fingers Oh, the heartbeat of your lands Oh, the places where you linger Oh, the beauty of your hands.

Notes from the Artist

And I have lit my candle in the folds of your forests A spark of light amongst the fires of the night And I have risen with the dawn and the thurible of gladness Amongst the mist and the dew of your delight. You are the one who makes my paths straight You are the one who leads me to the waters And as I've cupped my hands I know, I know, I've seen your face For you've touched my eyes with waterfalls You've touched my eyes with earth You've led me home with moonlight And you've whispered what I'm worth.

You are the one who leads me to the waters You are the one who leads me home You lead me home You lead me home. If you're the son of God Throw yourself down Surely your father will heed your call Surely the angels will catch your fall. If you're the son of God Then why do you starve? Turn the rocks into loaves of bread Find pleasure in the evening within your bed.

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If you're the son of God Then why is there pain? Are you weak, or are you not good? Oh will you be defeated by a cross of wood?

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If you're the son of God Vanquish my enemies Protect my borders and securities And crush the heads of those who'd rob my peace. Oh praise the son of God The one who has set me free He is my passage from the gates of hell He is my refuge from the infidel. Of praise the son of God Who knows my every will For pleasure is the blessing, child And I must have my fill. Away from me, away from me I never knew you You are the cell that holds my child within Fling open the doors and be made wild again.

Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone Like a story told you've always known You took my breath in the daylight You stole my heart like a thief in the night. And I am not a perfect man I've unclean lips and soiled hands But from the soil we will rise For we are dust with a love that never dies.

This Changed My Walk with Jesus FOREVER!

You are my shelter You are my home Flesh of my flesh Bone of my bone. You undress me of my bitterness And roll away my pride with one kiss For we are clothed in majesty Beneath our rags of poverty. And I will spend my days beside you For beauty that is shared is beauty true We will share the wine, we will share the bread We will share our home, we will share our bed. And I have smelled the hatred For those that aren't the same And I've pointed my own fingers But I'm not clear of blame.

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I've heard the promises of heaven And I've heard the threats of hell But maybe we're already living Within the stories that we tell. May your heart never grow hard May your eyes always see beauty Though you sometimes need to weep Though you sometimes need to fight May joy come in the morning May darkness find the light. And may you never give up, may you never give up May you never give up on love. Pass not the cup from me If I do thy will Thy kingdom come, thy will be done Where my blood is spilled.

Make my heart brave Make my back strong enough to carry my cross For what I've gained for my own pride I count as loss. May my life be poured out Upon the feet of the poor May orphans call me father And may I never lock my doors. May I never lose hope Upon the darkest night May my life be a seed And my spirit light. May those that come behind Not linger at my grave Plant me beside the waters And may I offer shade.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done On heaven and earth May my life be poured out And my death give birth. Produced and engineered by Everett Hardin. Your warmth comes in the early spring With hope like snow still clinging to the ground And miracles, they rise up all around All for you, everything is made new. How come love was simpler when I could barely stand? But love is patient, and love is kind Love revives the heart and transforms the mind. On the water so sweet that was just ankle deep But we had prisons to bury So we rolled our clothes and braced for the cold To leave all that we had to carry.

We drowned the young and old in that sea of grace But we all rose the same We splashed like children, we did, in that sea of grace And we danced in the forest like flames. Grace was enough and grace is enough And grace always will be More than enough to change an old man young And an ankle-deep stream to a sea. And grace gets deeper the more you trust That the King is good and the King is just And that naked forgiveness is stronger than the grave. And sometimes grace takes clearing stones With a weary heart and aching bones To prove to that new child it was worth it all.

Roll away the stones Roll away the stones Roll away the stones And come alive. Like a carpenter I carved your hands From driftwood from the deep And I placed my veins inside your dreams To woo you while you sleep. And in your heart I've placed a journey And like a garden it will grow And when you taste the fruits of bravery I will part the seas below.

I composed your bones from symphonies And I danced to form your name From the womb you leapt in innocence And your innocence remains. My heart has known the winters And my feet have known the snow But mine eyes have seen the glory Of a seed begin to grow. There is a time to dance on sorrow And a time to kiss her cheek There is a time to mourn in silence But justice aches to hear you speak. There is a time when laughter will echo Through your halls of peace But war is known to change your locks And carry off the family keys. There is a time for healing and pain A time for drought and a time for rain There is a time for everything Until we crown the risen King…Until we crown the risen King.

The beauty that has come And the beauty yet to come And the beauty that is yours and that is mine And that death produces life And that we are made alive By the King who paints beauty with time By the King who paints beauty with time By the King who paints beauty with time.

I want to live simply like my father He never has much been for colors But I think That his colors are his children. And my name says that I am light And I want to learn how to fight For the ones This dark world has barred from hope. And I want to see with clear eyes To see beauty underneath Every painful disguise I want the bravery to dream. When you fight When you fight When you fight Fight for love. Can you find a righteous man?

Do you know a faultless land? Hear the ring of the fallen chains See the world forget its aches and pains At the mention of His very name. So dance, come on dance…On your own graves Oh dance, come on dance…He calls us lovers, not slaves.

Home - Cave of the Winds

He makes the shamed beautiful He makes the broken whole He makes the darkness turn and flee. You are the one who holds The ring of my love You are the one whose whispers Kiss my very heart And in your embrace my walls crumble apart My walls, my walls crumble apart. You are the one I will dream with While our coffee steams You are the one I will dance with To the melodies of dreams And I will sing you to sleep each night And I will wake by your side.

Through every pain and sorrow Through the adventure of tomorrow Through the joy of every morning My love will be yours. Gather the saints in the mist Beneath our favorite tree And forge your vows in stone And from the roots beneath. And I will call you with thunder to return To return to the tree And there I will meet you without mist Without mist or mystery. And time itself will paralyze To take in every moment Of the entrance of the promise Of love untold or ever spoken.

Fler böcker av Angelcia Carol Wright

And with wildflowers The angels will sew our hearts as one But neither angels nor demons can ever cut Can ever cut the knots undone. This will be our threshold To our home of joy and peace This will be the place Where our sorrows are released.

And our home may soon change places As we bound mountains And walk on oceans without fear But for now our adventure lies here Oh for now, our adventure lies here. I miss the days before every land had been mapped When you could go explore And know the world was still untapped.

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At A Glance

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